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Saturday. 6.21.08 4:59 am
Its been two months since I last post an entry... kind of addicted to an online game, ' Cabal '. lol
Zzz... Just a blink of an eye, june holiday is going to be over.. back to school.. Hell boring... Why does time machine do not exists?!
Its had been a memorable field trip to malaysia.. going on a bumpy ride(jeep) to the mountain.. Looking on a bird's eye view, the scenery was simply prodigious! SOng Arh!!

Lets get to the point now:
During the malaysia trip, we went alot of places and i particular wanted to talk about this place that triggered my imagination.... which is the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia(FRIM). Our guide, Mr Asime show us the importants of nature and i deeply feel sorry for the future generation... As we all know, now in the present world, we are facing a global huge problem and that is Gobal Warming. Some of us may not feel it but I'm sure you have hear or seen it through radio, television or computer..As we were walking in the forest (kind of lost in the wilderness), Mr Asime told us that there is sufficient oxygen for only one person for a tree to produce oxygen.. Now, malaysia goverment simply to not show any actions about the global problem.. What they desire is money.. greed for gold.. Gradually, goverment employed people to cut down forest.. just to build amenities as an tourism attraction to earn revenue. I am not refering not just a particular country but all over the region... Yes i understand that doing this was to improve the quality of life so as to alleviate people physical suffering. After seeing the villages in malaysia, i would not mind leading a simple life. Have you ever imagine what will be the world like without money? just simply leading a normally life like the villages where they do not hurt each other due to greed. If this was what the world is thinking the same as i do, i doubt that everyone will lead a rapturous life. After all,this is only my surmising. ok back to the forest hiking. Mr Asime, told us we have no power to anything we want to preserve the nature. Goverment forcus largely on economic expects that generate wealth for it's country. So can you imagine what will be like on the future or the next generation? Maybe at that time the atmosphere: C02 covers 75%.. People have use money to exchange for oxygen. Lei long!! Lei long!! one bag of oxygen for 10 bucks.LOL human will be similar like the drug addicts, desperately breathing pure oxygen. health problems population will eventually increase tremendously.. This will shorten the life spend.


I do not believe that goverment are inexorable. They have many other issues to manage that we do not know. Blaming them does not solve the problem of nature preservation so as to help out global warming crisis.

ok my doubt is here: should we be Herbivores, Omnivores or Carnivores?
Herbivores shown empathy for the animals,therefore they eat plants. But since preserving the nature is concern, does consuming the plants unambiguously destroy the nature of forest producing oxygen?

Carnivores consume only animals. But without animals waste, the nutrients of the soil will become barren. chemicals fertilizer will not be as nutrious as animal fertilizer.

Cannot eat this or that.. Hell man!! Haiz.. just be an Omnivore.

Putting this similar situation of frustrating making choices in goverment shoes. We must understand goverment how big the pressure is for them to control many issues. It is up to us to help out presevere the nature.


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Craving for earpiece
Friday. 5.16.08 5:52 am
LOLs, last week i shi hao introduced me his new earpiece and asked me to tried it. Guess what?! It GOOD! The gratifying base and the sheer clarity was awesome and it cause 135 bucks. Shi hao brought me and my other friend to the jaben shop which sell a lot of good earpieces and earphones. It really rocks. I tried five to six times of the different earpiece. All of them have a gratifying base, however i like one earpiece in particular. It is called Crossroads Mylarone X3i. Only 70 bucks instead of 80 bucks.


If you are interested, come by to the jaben shop at 1 Coleman Street, 04-16/17 (Singapore) or go to the internet web www.jaben.net/forums for more information.

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Friday. 5.16.08 12:23 am
ok it's been almost a month since I last post an entry
Despite playing online game, still i cannot relieve the stress out of my weeny brain.. "i can't possibly squeeze all the information studies in just a short period of time." My exam flunk incrediblely and I know this is the wake up call. ok i had enough of this shitted results. No more! but how? This coming june holiday i am going to be studying intensively be it anywhere. i know this seems incredulous for my family but at least give me support as to motivates me. I doubt that will not happen. This year marks my 18 years of living on milky earth which proves that i am on my own, the decisions that i will decide that will bear a big responsiblity in each individual choice i make. The obtsacles will lead you be greater height and i mean being a strenuous person who knows no fear. Leading a indomitable spirit despite failure at different challenges will help you nurture a good adult. That what life is! Strive Hard!!

ok. lets change topic. The last few days i noticed a lot of the unfortunates. Everytime i see this people, I feel so so sorry for them, and I do not mean the word pity. Pity will never be in my dictonary as i feel it is a form of insult to a person who is weaker or unfortunate than you.
Back to my younger days in the elementary schooling, i had a lot of bad memories. One of my memories maybe the greatest joke of your life. Let me briefly explain what happened during that time. It was my third year in elementary school and i had been obsessed with pokemon cards. lol Since then, every week i will buy dex of cards to satisfy my card collection. The feeling was cannot be explained by words. I surmise this feeling will be no difference from a otaku who is craving for his or her anime figuring collection. ok thats enough of that. Back to what i want to talk about the incident. I can still remember vivdly. There was this particularly one girl which you can tell by her 5 senses that she is mentally retarded. EH! i do not come from a disable school so please do not make wild guesses. Err you know that time i was still young and i thought this people are funny and teasable. My classmates and i laugh at her everytime she was scolded by teacher doing silly things. At that time i was talkative during lesson time and i soon caught redhanded of talking loudly to my classmate who is sitting quite far from my seat. I was force to sit infront by my maths teacher. Back then my class sitting arrangement was two by two horizontally straight rows so every students will have a partner. Guess who is sitting beside me? THE M.R GIRL!! This is the worst nightmare ever. Immediately, I shift my desk one metre away from her everytime after my maths lesson is over. By nature, yes I wad tease by my classmates. Hell, how long am i going to be trap in the fear of the wilderness?! My spirit is suffocating! ok let me ask you a silly question, is liquid glue a fun substance to play with? Usually we use it to paste things up. To her it was her best enjoyment
ever in her life. she took the liquid glue pour it on to her bare hands and rubbed it together. I was dumbfounded and speechless. The glue even fortuitously drip on to her uniform. You can imagine how dirty is her by the appearance. You will never beileve what she said.. "mmm.... wo ai ni!!" meaning I love you. She said it everytime she was playing with the glue. My classmates then told her to said it to me. Without a doubt, she said it. Immediately, my legs pull me away from my chair, running away. Yes, she was chasing after me screaming the mushy three words. Help! This is worse than a person who take a barang knife and chase after you. If a pretty girl do that, i would not mind her doing that.
Until now the girl's actions still prey my mind. GOOSEBUMPS!!
Ya, LAUGH all you want.
Throughout my life i am really grateful to my God for taking care of me this past 18 years. If not i may become one of the mentally disabled. Why do i say that? ok when i was junior highschool year one I had caught up with a cold which leads to fever. Usually that period of time marks the male puberty period so fever is common. However this is different. My heat caught up at 40.5 degree. The doctor was quite stunned and he secretly told my mum that if this will to be getting bad to worse, my brain cells will eventually be burned. Thus. i will result in no difference from a mentally disabled person. There was a frightening incident during that time. Sleepwalking. Normally sleepwalking happens to a person who is extremely tired but it happen to me not because of this particular reason but it the high temperature that cause it. This happened in the afternoon when i wad taking a nap in my parents's master bed. Strangely, this is what my brother and mother said to me when i am sleeping walking. I ran to the kitchen, staring at my brother who is eating his lunch and I went back to bed. Next I went to the second stroll back to the kitchen and this time the kitchen toilet. I went to the toilet and pointed to the cubicle hole saying "EEEEEKKK!!! IT'S DIRTY IT'S DIRTY!!." I almost touch the 'water'. My expression that my mum describe was in the way that i was very agitated. My brother quickly pulled me out of the toilet. He then shook me saying "are you ok!? You know who am I." Then i regained my unconsiousness. This does not happen one time but also the second time. During thursday, my parents went to church and told the people there about my condition and they will very worried for me. Hence they pray intensively during that night at church for my recovery. Praise the Lord for answering their prayers. I can ever repay such great benevolence of the church people and my families.

Epochally, I felt that the unfortunate are people who we need to be caring and respectful towards them and not ridicule because of their appearance and actions. Some were born out to be like that and some happened to be literally ill that result to be mentally disabled.
But what piqued my curiosity is what and why cause this things happen? Is it mainly God's punishment towards the people because of their evil deeds or the offspring of the parents?

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Saturday. 4.19.08 1:31 am
Sorry for the late post...It had been some since i last post an entry..
Oh! By the way, L-lawliet have been in hospital for a week already. Please pray for him which ever your reglion is ; for his speedy recovery.

Last few days have been my most tiring days ever throughout my life. Going to school to rush my schoolwork, had to visit L-lawliet on late evening at the hospital and to do homework before i got into bed. This ends around 12.30pm for most of the days. Hey! i need to rest!
Bombarding with so much work takes each individual responsiblity heavily in the process of being from an teenager to adult life. Redundant matters may not be beneficial now, but it can be the key to open the doors of success in the fruitful future to come. Struggling physically now does not mean that you are spiritually weak. Probably, they are obstacles that you need to outwitt them to lead you to success. The word 'lasy' means mentally giving yourself up by creating an alibi, making yourself a coward, not daring to face reality. I truthfully respect the people who holds a indomitable spirit, willing to take on challenges that is ahead of them. Sometime hardwork may not be pay off of a good future. Well what i am trying to convince you is that 'Character' is the most important to every single person.
That what i strongly agreed with my teacher. No point having good grades if you do not developed a good character in you. Its the values that you had learn to nurture a good adulthood.
Why do i say that? Let me ask you, if a student known to be carrying good grades in his studies and he delibrately do not want lend an helping hand to teach those who were weak. Meaning to say he or she has a poor leadership who only think about themselves only.
But what detest me most is people who carries the vanity in them, using the authority card to shut a person's mouth from voicing out his or her opinion. However we cannot blame this people, cause if you will in their shoes, the most ultimate way to control matters is to use your authority card. Every human being at least carries a slight selfisiness in them and this is a fact. But vanity will not be in the characterlstics in me. I will NOT.Never Ever. It will simply lead to greed of wanting more attention.
Ar-hur!! Attention-seeking. A way to show your presence if you are unnoticed? Doing actions that make people thinks you need attention? How childish is that act of yours.
My friend and I particularly just cannot bear this classmate of mine. Let's give him an example of pseudonym, 'D.Kiddy'. hahas..My friends thinks he's a Gay. Preferably, I recognise him as a kid. Thats why I name him D.Kiddy. Ok, when lesson is going on, he will try to make funny acts to make the some of the students in the class feel disgusted. Most of the time he acts silly or stupid which is no difference from a elementary obstreperous kid or a retard. By the way he's 17 years old, a young adult. Simply D.Kiddy is unware that he is actually abasing himself. Maybe his brain and hormones have not developed well enough meaning he is still immature. If that is the case I pity him for his puberty period. LOLs!
This is not only his way of attention-seek way. The another way is that he tried to humiliate classmates, simply without a thought of the classmates feelings.
Not long ago, I have a friend of mine, L~IQ(a pseudonym name) ended up in hospital due to an illness. On Tueday it happened that the whole class knew about what happened to him. During one of the school lesson, the teacher ask to visit him at the hospital. This is when my anger starts. D.Kiddy proclaimed loudly "HE"S NOT MY FRIEND. HE WILL NOT FEEL APPRECIATED IF I GO VISIT HIM". I got the urge to shout at him " CAN YOU SHUT YOUR DAMM MOUTH, NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR COMMENT!" But I think again, why should I verge my anger on such a kiddy or immature brainer which i do not think he doesn't deserve attention.
We all need some kind sort of attention sometime, but all this comes by nature.It depends mainly on your character. Doing such act like D.Kiddy just make people feel obnoxious towards him. He doesn't know what his shameful behavior is going to bring his life in the future to come. Sad case.


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Everyone an emo?
Saturday. 4.5.08 8:38 am
It has been quite some time since i last post my blog.

Well, honestly answer to yourself : are you emo? If u answer to yourself 'NO', you've lied...
Why do I say that? Have you came before a sentence saying no matter how a person is strong, he or she has a soft side. Though out your life you came across some heartless or coldblooded people, but actually deep down in their hearts and mind, they do care even they act not. 'YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM YOUR NAKED TRUTH!!'

I came a cross one friend who is particularly having this serious emotion illness. He cares a lot for his fellow friends. I particularly know he is sensative towards something easily. Each time this kind of situation happened, his illness ripasted. We as friends were worried what might happened him as he told us that he lose interest in studies. Was he being too negative? Was there a way to help him?

Readers, if you are like this, please WAKE UP. In life, there's always up and down. Life is never ever fair. We are not perfect. Humans make mistakes. Sometime they never think before they talk and end up insult people. If you were this people, you don't deserve attention! Yes, we joke among our friends, telling each other you are particularly like this or like that (teasing) but please do not cross overboard. Remember there are some friends who are seriously emotion. Our mouth are our most volatile source of building our character.

For particularly emo readers : -Ask yourself what is Life to you?
-Are you going to give up reality and just stay in
your own world?
-Are you going stay fearing the facts of life in the
stressful world.
Hey!! Please please wake up!
Everybody had a purpose in life at the moment you were born. Its up to you to discover it. Do not feel perplex, take one step at a time. Soon you know what you really want.
In the future to come, in a your working life, you will meet all kind of people. Everyone went they first step into the working life, they will feel scared. So U ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. Dare to face the reality, then you will find life is so worth while. When you gain something, you have to give something away. What I'm trying to say is that to be blessed and forget all the lugubrious past.

If u keep having negative thoughts, blaming yourself everytime, you are just being unfair to yourself. Will your 'real' friends want you to be like that? I'm sure you do not want your friends and to be disappointed in you.

Most of you should have YUI in the bleach theme songs. Well there's is one particularly song called 'TOKYO' and I think I introduce this to you readers. Please read the english below. Thx~

Online Videos by Veoh.com


The day has come when I will leave the room Iím so used to living in
My new journey is still disorienting me

On the bus to the station
I emailed my friend

On the platform in the morning, I tried calling too
But it felt like something had changed

Iíve brought one old guitar with me
Iíve left all my photos behind

Letting something go and then gaining something new
Does the same cycle repeat itself?

When I pretend to be strong, it always leads to dreams
When I let myself be cowardly, they stop

As the train began to move
I cried a little

I prayed that the road that spread out outside the window
Wouldnít change

The person who gave me the old guitar
Said he was afraid of Tokyo

Iíve stopped looking for answers
It doesnít matter if I make mistake after mistake

The red sunset is cut up by the buildings
I hold back my tears

But the beginning of each new morning
Will bring confusion for me, wonít it?

I canít only choose the right things
That much I know

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Sunday. 3.30.08 2:47 am
How should i say? Horoscope have always been hot around the world. Despite that, I still think believing in this, is pure bullshit.

Astronomy arose from the division of the northern hemisphere night sky in the ancient times into twelve regions of thirty degrees each. The twelve regions were namely Aries(Ram), Taurus(Bull), Gemini(Twins), Cancer(Crab), Leo(Lion), Virgo(Virgin), Libra(Scales), Scorpio(Scorpion), Sagittarius(Archer), Capricorn(Goat), Aquarius(Water carrier) and Pisces(Fish). Apart from this twelve regions, there one more which most people are still not aware and it's called Ophiuchus(Serpent Holder)= 30Nov to 17Dec. Well, for most of the time once allocated to Scorpio, the sun now actually rises in a constellation which is the Ophiuchus~ Roughly, two thousand years ago, when the zodiac(sun signs) was created, the sun rose in Aries at the march equinox. Now the sun rises in Pisces at the same equinox. This is due to the fact which it is pointing in a cycle of about twentyfive thousand and eight hundred years.This is referred to as the precession of the equinoxes.

The dates given in magazines , newspapers and books are what your star signs would have been had you been born two thousand years ago. The one we are using now is the julian calendar rather than the Gregorian.

The type of reading you find in books and newspapers, they say, is just superficial generalisation. But that is what many people accept. "I'm a really typical Gemini" and "He's just like that because he's a Sagittarius". If there are no common features among those within a given sign of the Zodiac, then doesn't the star sign become irrelevant.

When i first read about the horoscope at elementary school days, it felt so happening to me in reality without realise its pure bullshit. You see, when u first read the horoscope, you react to what the horoscope wants you to do in order to avoid bad karma or something. If you never follow or follow, the result will still be fixed. Just that is either good or bad. But it may not happened to both often. So it is not particularly acurrate. Then its BULLSHIT! Example. Cancer~
An emotional and sensitive sign. They tend to be home loving and family oriented. They like security and safety. Displaying an innate ambition they take a safer, more subtle path toward goals. Success is important but is balanced by their caring for others. They may appear to have a hard exterior, but are very soft inside. They have an unexpected tenacity and a deep and complex personality with which they hide their vulnerability. This can lead them to be very moody, their defensiveness often mistaken for shyness. Although a little prone to self-pity they display enormous compassion for others.
They are born for the nurturing careers => social work, nursing, childcare and the service industries. Their tenacity makes them good in business, and their love of food, history and the sea often leads them to a career linked with one of these
Take note particularly in the next description and you will know what am i talking about~
It is weird but your social life and your private life are diverging pretty strongly right now. They "SHOULD" spend some time thinking about it - chance to bring them back in line is coming up
So this people stubbornly accept and follow.

During the year 1997, the astrologiers predicted that there is a star falling to the earth. When we look at the stars, it look small to us. BUT, do you know star's size is about 1/4 of the earth surface? So if it will to happened, will i still be here writing blog for viewers to read? In year 2006, the astrologiers predicted again saying that it will happen 40 years later. i would not say that it will not happened but it just reminds me of a nursery story ' The Boy Who Cried Wolf '.

Humans always 'thinks' that this is this. Remember this, somethings are beyond our mind thinking. In the world, there's more opinion than fact. In the case of horoscope, they are 'fixed' opinion and not fact. Horoscope is just a matter of believe and following.

The race chinese are particularly auspicious on their horoscope. They 'believe' that horoscope direct them to know who they are really from which i find it stupid. My reason is simple, chinese thinks that they are from an animal among the twelve animals in the horoscope.Then animals refers to our 'Gods'? Bullshit! Again I must stressed the word 'think'. They THINK that this is true because in there are several things true to them in terms of horoscope. The more stupid believe is that the your behavior is somehow same as the animal in the horoscope. So we were once animals? LOLs.. This is sort of degradation, humiliating us as chinese.

So what happen to those people who will born in feb 29? Bad Karma? Bad Luck? After they died, their soul just vanish?

Shouldn't we be working hard towards our goals, so that success is achieved? If we are dislike by some people, shouldn't we change ourselves to become a better person in life? Hey! Sometimes,things does not follow the way you want. Everything that you do, have it's consequences. Thats life is all about and not 'believe' things that are irrelevant. Just be more positive....


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Proposal Daisakusen SP on 28th March!
Saturday. 3.29.08 5:41 am
Good News, drama Proposal Daisakusen SP is going to be out on 28th march in japan.... download!!This drama had touches a lot of viewers' heart and again Yamashita Tomohisa was the main actor in this drama.. The storyline make me feel lugubrious...
Well this story basically tell a boy call Ken Iwase who had not much friends in his elementary school. however he came to know a friend call Rei Yoshida which happen to be sitting beside him. She was transfer from other school. They were on the same class from that year till their high school. It so happen that both of them like each other but they do not have the courage to tell each other.
In first episode, it shows Rei Yoshida's marriage ceremony. However, he in fact still loves her and regrets not having confessed his feelings towards her.A fairy(lol) lets him travel back in time and try one more time to get Rei's heart.
There was photo presentation, where it give a lot of memories to both of them. They had beem together for 14 years. At the same time when he was watching the photos, he had a lot regretful things he have not don for rei.
In his mind,;
"Can I get married if we had gone to the Koshien!?"
"Can I get married through coffee milk!?"
"Can we get married if we switch seats?"
"Can we get married by the second button?"
"Are those who say they'll do it tomorrow are idiots?"
"What do I graduate from on my last day as a teen?"
"When will love and fireworks scatter?"
"Are the tears I shed on New Year's Eve the real thing?"
"What can I bet at the last moment?"
"Last Hallelujah Chance"
"Will a tearful confession call a miracle?"

Despite going back time, he still could not have the encourage to confess his feelings toward rei. However, back to Rei's marriage ceremony, he was suppose to give a speech. Instead of congratulating, he hence confessed to everyone how deep she love her.
Opps.. i almost wrote the whole story..I think this drama is particularly for loveholic drama viewers.
I just cannot wait for kurosagi movie (8th march) and Proposal Daisakusen SP (28th march) I bet it will be delayed.. sian~


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Movie Kurosagi ~
Saturday. 3.29.08 2:39 am
This is my first time making a (noob) blog..
As Death note was the number one boxoffice movie in Japan, kurosagi may be the second best movie in japan in the days to come... trust me. but i bet s'pore is not gonna debute their movie or maybe they will delay the movie for a few months. hell, thats slow~ argh.. hmm.. For those who do not know this story of kurosagi, u can go can see the drama before u see the movie..
Well, let me tell u the summary of the drama..... a boy named Kurosaki who swindles only other professional swindlers known as Shirosagi and Akasagi... Shirosagi are swindlers who defraud other people's money, Akasagi are swindlers who deceive other by manipulating their feeling for money... Lastly but not all, the ultimate swlinder in history, Kurosagi (The Black Swindler) and it is came to known that he is that boy.
When his age was fifteen, his Dad was swindled by a Shirosagi.. His dad turn mad and killed his family in the house except kurosaki. It so happen that kurosaki was not at home.. His dad later commit sucide. After kurosaki knowing what had happened to his dad, he vowed to himself that he will revenge for his dad..That was the cause of him being a kurosagi. He was now trying find the swindler which cause his dad to lose everything. At the same time he was swindling other swindlers which sometime help people who were deceive by them..
It is cool to see the way he swindle..you need to see the drama before seeing the movie... It is the continue from the drama.. It just make me more thrill...


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