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Everyone an emo?
Saturday. 4.5.08 8:38 am
It has been quite some time since i last post my blog.

Well, honestly answer to yourself : are you emo? If u answer to yourself 'NO', you've lied...
Why do I say that? Have you came before a sentence saying no matter how a person is strong, he or she has a soft side. Though out your life you came across some heartless or coldblooded people, but actually deep down in their hearts and mind, they do care even they act not. 'YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM YOUR NAKED TRUTH!!'

I came a cross one friend who is particularly having this serious emotion illness. He cares a lot for his fellow friends. I particularly know he is sensative towards something easily. Each time this kind of situation happened, his illness ripasted. We as friends were worried what might happened him as he told us that he lose interest in studies. Was he being too negative? Was there a way to help him?

Readers, if you are like this, please WAKE UP. In life, there's always up and down. Life is never ever fair. We are not perfect. Humans make mistakes. Sometime they never think before they talk and end up insult people. If you were this people, you don't deserve attention! Yes, we joke among our friends, telling each other you are particularly like this or like that (teasing) but please do not cross overboard. Remember there are some friends who are seriously emotion. Our mouth are our most volatile source of building our character.

For particularly emo readers : -Ask yourself what is Life to you?
-Are you going to give up reality and just stay in
your own world?
-Are you going stay fearing the facts of life in the
stressful world.
Hey!! Please please wake up!
Everybody had a purpose in life at the moment you were born. Its up to you to discover it. Do not feel perplex, take one step at a time. Soon you know what you really want.
In the future to come, in a your working life, you will meet all kind of people. Everyone went they first step into the working life, they will feel scared. So U ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE. Dare to face the reality, then you will find life is so worth while. When you gain something, you have to give something away. What I'm trying to say is that to be blessed and forget all the lugubrious past.

If u keep having negative thoughts, blaming yourself everytime, you are just being unfair to yourself. Will your 'real' friends want you to be like that? I'm sure you do not want your friends and to be disappointed in you.

Most of you should have YUI in the bleach theme songs. Well there's is one particularly song called 'TOKYO' and I think I introduce this to you readers. Please read the english below. Thx~

Online Videos by Veoh.com


The day has come when I will leave the room Iím so used to living in
My new journey is still disorienting me

On the bus to the station
I emailed my friend

On the platform in the morning, I tried calling too
But it felt like something had changed

Iíve brought one old guitar with me
Iíve left all my photos behind

Letting something go and then gaining something new
Does the same cycle repeat itself?

When I pretend to be strong, it always leads to dreams
When I let myself be cowardly, they stop

As the train began to move
I cried a little

I prayed that the road that spread out outside the window
Wouldnít change

The person who gave me the old guitar
Said he was afraid of Tokyo

Iíve stopped looking for answers
It doesnít matter if I make mistake after mistake

The red sunset is cut up by the buildings
I hold back my tears

But the beginning of each new morning
Will bring confusion for me, wonít it?

I canít only choose the right things
That much I know

i worry a lot of things in this world but i never retire in my own comfort zone. i'm always looking for challenges but these challenges made people called me 'unique' in a way that's teasing me negatively... something i wonder if people never ever thought of living a life without regrets.
» renaye on 2008-04-05 11:30:06

you are not negatively minded. I'm pleased to hear that you have great enthusiasm in looking for challenges. This prove your hunger for success in life meaning that you will get what you want and not stuck-up in your own emo world.
hmm... everybody will thought of living life without regrets. But you know, we human makes mistakes thus we are not perfect. It is juat a matter of time to realise how precious the things around you and able to amend the small holes in the bag of life.

» freemanyo on 2008-04-06 05:35:18

oh i didn't realise u have a lot of japanese singers on ur left table. aiya.
» renaye on 2008-04-14 04:46:10

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