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Saturday. 4.19.08 1:31 am
Sorry for the late post...It had been some since i last post an entry..
Oh! By the way, L-lawliet have been in hospital for a week already. Please pray for him which ever your reglion is ; for his speedy recovery.

Last few days have been my most tiring days ever throughout my life. Going to school to rush my schoolwork, had to visit L-lawliet on late evening at the hospital and to do homework before i got into bed. This ends around 12.30pm for most of the days. Hey! i need to rest!
Bombarding with so much work takes each individual responsiblity heavily in the process of being from an teenager to adult life. Redundant matters may not be beneficial now, but it can be the key to open the doors of success in the fruitful future to come. Struggling physically now does not mean that you are spiritually weak. Probably, they are obstacles that you need to outwitt them to lead you to success. The word 'lasy' means mentally giving yourself up by creating an alibi, making yourself a coward, not daring to face reality. I truthfully respect the people who holds a indomitable spirit, willing to take on challenges that is ahead of them. Sometime hardwork may not be pay off of a good future. Well what i am trying to convince you is that 'Character' is the most important to every single person.
That what i strongly agreed with my teacher. No point having good grades if you do not developed a good character in you. Its the values that you had learn to nurture a good adulthood.
Why do i say that? Let me ask you, if a student known to be carrying good grades in his studies and he delibrately do not want lend an helping hand to teach those who were weak. Meaning to say he or she has a poor leadership who only think about themselves only.
But what detest me most is people who carries the vanity in them, using the authority card to shut a person's mouth from voicing out his or her opinion. However we cannot blame this people, cause if you will in their shoes, the most ultimate way to control matters is to use your authority card. Every human being at least carries a slight selfisiness in them and this is a fact. But vanity will not be in the characterlstics in me. I will NOT.Never Ever. It will simply lead to greed of wanting more attention.
Ar-hur!! Attention-seeking. A way to show your presence if you are unnoticed? Doing actions that make people thinks you need attention? How childish is that act of yours.
My friend and I particularly just cannot bear this classmate of mine. Let's give him an example of pseudonym, 'D.Kiddy'. hahas..My friends thinks he's a Gay. Preferably, I recognise him as a kid. Thats why I name him D.Kiddy. Ok, when lesson is going on, he will try to make funny acts to make the some of the students in the class feel disgusted. Most of the time he acts silly or stupid which is no difference from a elementary obstreperous kid or a retard. By the way he's 17 years old, a young adult. Simply D.Kiddy is unware that he is actually abasing himself. Maybe his brain and hormones have not developed well enough meaning he is still immature. If that is the case I pity him for his puberty period. LOLs!
This is not only his way of attention-seek way. The another way is that he tried to humiliate classmates, simply without a thought of the classmates feelings.
Not long ago, I have a friend of mine, L~IQ(a pseudonym name) ended up in hospital due to an illness. On Tueday it happened that the whole class knew about what happened to him. During one of the school lesson, the teacher ask to visit him at the hospital. This is when my anger starts. D.Kiddy proclaimed loudly "HE"S NOT MY FRIEND. HE WILL NOT FEEL APPRECIATED IF I GO VISIT HIM". I got the urge to shout at him " CAN YOU SHUT YOUR DAMM MOUTH, NOBODY ASKED FOR YOUR COMMENT!" But I think again, why should I verge my anger on such a kiddy or immature brainer which i do not think he doesn't deserve attention.
We all need some kind sort of attention sometime, but all this comes by nature.It depends mainly on your character. Doing such act like D.Kiddy just make people feel obnoxious towards him. He doesn't know what his shameful behavior is going to bring his life in the future to come. Sad case.


what happened to lawliet?? hope he will discharge soon.
» renaye on 2008-04-19 01:05:05

it's confidential. ask him when he come's back on post.
» freemanyo on 2008-04-20 12:48:51

Good post. This blog/post needs more publicity.

Anyway refer me as shihao and not l-lawliet next. I am just a wannabe of him. LOL.

Oh and paragraphing would make this better.
» L-Lawliet on 2008-04-24 07:35:41

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