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Saturday. 6.21.08 4:59 am
Its been two months since I last post an entry... kind of addicted to an online game, ' Cabal '. lol
Zzz... Just a blink of an eye, june holiday is going to be over.. back to school.. Hell boring... Why does time machine do not exists?!
Its had been a memorable field trip to malaysia.. going on a bumpy ride(jeep) to the mountain.. Looking on a bird's eye view, the scenery was simply prodigious! SOng Arh!!

Lets get to the point now:
During the malaysia trip, we went alot of places and i particular wanted to talk about this place that triggered my imagination.... which is the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia(FRIM). Our guide, Mr Asime show us the importants of nature and i deeply feel sorry for the future generation... As we all know, now in the present world, we are facing a global huge problem and that is Gobal Warming. Some of us may not feel it but I'm sure you have hear or seen it through radio, television or computer..As we were walking in the forest (kind of lost in the wilderness), Mr Asime told us that there is sufficient oxygen for only one person for a tree to produce oxygen.. Now, malaysia goverment simply to not show any actions about the global problem.. What they desire is money.. greed for gold.. Gradually, goverment employed people to cut down forest.. just to build amenities as an tourism attraction to earn revenue. I am not refering not just a particular country but all over the region... Yes i understand that doing this was to improve the quality of life so as to alleviate people physical suffering. After seeing the villages in malaysia, i would not mind leading a simple life. Have you ever imagine what will be the world like without money? just simply leading a normally life like the villages where they do not hurt each other due to greed. If this was what the world is thinking the same as i do, i doubt that everyone will lead a rapturous life. After all,this is only my surmising. ok back to the forest hiking. Mr Asime, told us we have no power to anything we want to preserve the nature. Goverment forcus largely on economic expects that generate wealth for it's country. So can you imagine what will be like on the future or the next generation? Maybe at that time the atmosphere: C02 covers 75%.. People have use money to exchange for oxygen. Lei long!! Lei long!! one bag of oxygen for 10 bucks.LOL human will be similar like the drug addicts, desperately breathing pure oxygen. health problems population will eventually increase tremendously.. This will shorten the life spend.


I do not believe that goverment are inexorable. They have many other issues to manage that we do not know. Blaming them does not solve the problem of nature preservation so as to help out global warming crisis.

ok my doubt is here: should we be Herbivores, Omnivores or Carnivores?
Herbivores shown empathy for the animals,therefore they eat plants. But since preserving the nature is concern, does consuming the plants unambiguously destroy the nature of forest producing oxygen?

Carnivores consume only animals. But without animals waste, the nutrients of the soil will become barren. chemicals fertilizer will not be as nutrious as animal fertilizer.

Cannot eat this or that.. Hell man!! Haiz.. just be an Omnivore.

Putting this similar situation of frustrating making choices in goverment shoes. We must understand goverment how big the pressure is for them to control many issues. It is up to us to help out presevere the nature.



It's not the Herbivores that's killing the forest.
Forest are only depleting at a constant rate as people are cutting them down for industrialisation.
Most of the veges that we are eating are from farms.
» L-Lawliet on 2008-06-21 11:17:26

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